K-Lined / DNSBL listed / Need help, I am really not infected

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K-Lined / DNSBL listed / Need help, I am really not infected

Postby vir-cotto » Mon Nov 11, 2013 12:16 pm


I need help. I would like to contact someone/Efnet Admin directly, instead of posting my IPs in this forum.
I am listed on The CBL that I am infected with trojans/bots, three different reasons in each case actually, from at least 5 different IPs I used so far from my Provider *.superkabel.de
I can't really change my IPs that often, and I am stuck to it for at least a few hours, even if when I restart my modem.
I can't contact anyone at The CBL direclty, only click for removal. So far I tried using 5 different IPs, they all seem to be K-Lined.
The IP is always the same, only the last digits after the last "." are changed, when reassigmed.
I used every every recommendation The CBL website gave me, also Norton Power Eraser tool etc.
And I can tell for sure, that one of the IPs that is K-Lined I never used in the accused time period.
The problem started yesterday, after I reconncted after using a CISCO VPN connection to a university network.
I am pretty sure I am not infected, none of the scan methods or removal tools came up with anything.
Must be someone else using the same IP-range, I am only using one Windows PC at home.

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