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The Rules of the Forums

Postby Pills » Wed Jul 02, 2003 1:40 pm

1) No hard core flaming of an individual or group. Let's try to be constructive.

2) No posting of logs. We all know they can be changed, with lines edited, added or deleted.

3) No spam. You spam, you get banned. Simple as that. This includes signatures.

4) No re-editing a modded post. We changed it for a reason. You change it back, it's deleted.

5) No posting IPs and domains that are not in your control. In other words, don't set up targets.

6) Don't post to raise your post count. In this vein, no posts with just a smiley, or "LOL", or any other such inanity.

7) If you have a question about a specific server's policies, you can ask here. However, the best thing to do would be to /motd If the information you need is not there, /admin and write to the admins. If you're questioning a K:line or D:line, we will likely not be able to help you.

8) This is *not* a place to ask about warez. IRC is a chat network. We will not help you secure warez. Any post about warez will be deleted.

9) If you make a topic that's already covered on the first page of posts, it will be locked and possibly deleted.

10) All news items from the main page are located in the news forum. Discussions about news items should stay there.

11) While images are allowed in avatars, anything deemed offensive will be deleted and a warning given. If it comes back, the user will be deleted. Images are NOT allowed in signatures. We will delete them on sight.

12) Read the FAQ off the main page before posting. You may have a common question.

13) The mods reserve the right to add to these rules at any time.

Happy posting!

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